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That’s enough to fill a shipping container. Every. Single. Minute. Plastic is the 2nd biggest factor contributing to climate change. Inaction would mean the irreversible elimination of wildlife and the destruction of the natural world as we know it.
But what if we told you it only takes a minute to turn the tide on plastic?

Our GOAL is to get 1440 of you to take one minute out of your day to be the catalyst for change. Why 1440 minutes you ask? Because that's how many minutes there are in a day...and if we all took just one minute each day to make a change, it would remove 1,440 tonnes of plastic waste. Every. Single. Day.

There's two ways you can take your minute. Either sign our petition or sign up for our e-guide to make your swap.

There’s no time for waste

Since the government committed to the Natural Packaging targets in 2018, our recycling rate has improved by just 1.3% a year. At 13% today, we are a long way from the ambitious target of 70% by 2025.

We are still sending 40,560 rubbish trucks worth of recyclables to the landfill every year. We’re the lucky country yet we are the most wasteful nation in the developed world.

Failure to take real action now, by 2040 will see:
Ocean plastic quadruple. Our use of plastic double.

The time is now. Inaction is not an option. Our future generations, wildlife, and the natural world (no pressure!) is counting on us.

We are asking you for a minute to support our letter to the Morrison government, telling them radical intervention is needed to meet the 2025 Plastic targets.

Australia simply cannot afford to fail.

Take your minute by signing the petition
The power of people is stronger than the people in power. ~ Wael Ghonim


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It’s time we clean up after ourselves too. One of the most effective ways to change our habits is to make a pledge.
Take the 3Rs Pledge
You can make a difference to plastic pollution by
committing to new habits that will reduce plastic waste.

REFUSE - Single Use Plastic

REUSE - Choose Reusables

REDUCE - Plastic Pollution

When we pledge to do something, we internally cement it as a promise. This harnesses the power of our subconscious to make it a reality.
Here’s how YOU can take a minute. Register here and receive a free conscious living guide chock full of simple sustainable ways to make a change to the way you use plastic.
Join others who are taking their minute.
Brands who are making an impact and taken their minute
We could have done this alone, but we know that this is bigger than us. We want to acknowledge the Australian brands that have consciously gone above and beyond to make our planet a better place.

Brands, founded by everyday Australians, who have one common belief – when we come together, we can make real, ongoing positive change.

Inspired to make an impact straight away?
No better place to start than in your home.

If 1% of Australians made the simple switch to refillable and reusable home care solutions, we will prevent 422.4 tonnes of plastic from being produced every single year. For those who think one person can’t make a difference, how’s that for impact?

Resparkle’s home and personal care range in reusable bottles and plastic-free refills will help you dramatically reduce your plastic waste and carbon footprint. Why not clean your home and our planet at the same time?

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Say goodbye to 3840 plastics in your life. Start a revolution from your home. Give your entire cleaning routine a plastic-free makeover.
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